Superhuman OS

Install a Revolutionary New Operating System for Your Mind
to Illuminate the Full Spectrum of Your Human Potential,
and Become the Greatest Possible Version of Yourself

The sum total of your mental software is what is known as your operating system.

This aggregated network of all your mental programs comprises what is known as your individual operating system.
And if you think about it, your mental software is pretty magical, giving you the ability to know the exact day of the year without having to calculate anything with the stars, or to be able to translate symbols into meaning and communicate with others around the globe.
To our ancestors, who did not have these powers, you would already be superhuman, and that’s just with what you already know.
But you are at a different point in your developmental process than someone who doesn’t understand the alphabet.  You are at a new tipping point in human growth.
So here is what it takes….
To upgrade your life, you must upgrade your operating system

The power of any mental software upgrade is it’s ability to make something vast and incomprehensible (like your potentials) simple and precise. That is what the alphabet does by turning any possible word into a simple combination of letters.  This is also what numbers, calendars, and the rest of the mental models do.  AND this is what the Superhuman OS does with your human growth and evolution.